The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 25 2018

Clues Answers
… ring for Charlie in ‘Hair and Beauty’ LOOKS
Becoming more appealing to go in pub after good argument GROWINGON
Blurry photos bearing unknown retailer TOYSHOP
Bread is prepared for gannet, perhaps SEABIRD
Comparatively thin piece of fish gutted earlier FINER
Cook’s covering duck with very English honey? OVENGLOVE
Daughter with hidden pressure before creative social event DINNERPARTY
European fuses creating issues EMERGES
Follower making arrangement to usurp monarch PURSUER
Fuel company noticeably depleted French region GASCONY
Give learner tips from elder animal trainer HANDLER
Given up working in smithy FORGONE
Harry Potter’s agile seeing off a supernatural being POLTERGEIST
Keeping close to bear, Pooh’s friend set off TRIGGER
Next to assistant, hiding desires ALONGSIDE
Note cat eating large amount MILLION
One taken up the aisle raised cry, with nothing right TROLLEY
Plant in yard he’d water here regularly YEWTREE
Raids in Greek island reported INROADS
Secure half of trunks on ship TRUSS
Some loathe a treatment room in hospital THEATRE
Suitable jumper medium? Find out here FITTINGROOM
Supporter of revolutionary device like Kindle bringing in fifty CHEERLEADER
That woman returned ring for varnish … SHELLAC
Torrent reduced surface by delta FLOOD
Usage so versatile, like some elements GASEOUS
Where racing drivers compete enthusiastically? INABIGWAY
With interruption of power, rather faulty speaker SPOONER

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