The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 3 2018

Clues Answers
Agreeable gestures from daughter hugged by lad on the way back NODS
Courageous, crossing line for sweetheart DARLING
European allowances underpinning trainee chef’s sympathies Commiserations
Fail to arrive, having run into a policeman COMEACROPPER
Film regularly shown got better IMPROVED
Flying first-class, accommodating five people without leader AVIATION
Gets money in return for cold remains CASHES
Green water in France is on the up NAIVE
Grounds for affair? OCCASION
Hamlet’s resolution? SETTLEMENT
Hospital workers harbour grudges, ultimately NURSES
Leave son needing stuff SCRAM
Moral determinant that’s against genetics, say? CONSCIENCE
People mature __ or it’s a disastrous sort of relationship MENAGEATROIS
Polish rejected by mother country BURMA
Practical divorcee exercises with nuts originally in regimen EXPEDIENT
Relent if banter upset, embarrassing non-conformist ENFANTTERRIBLE
Rule reportedly after artist reversed charge ARRAIGN
Run through newspaper article about resistance PIERCE
Scan Times in order to find such study of language SEMANTICS
Scathing words with name for Conservative original INVENTIVE
Shocked husband in story turned up on time AGHAST
Simple cleaner welcomes one place to sit EASYCHAIR
Simple student taken in by criminal BALD
Somewhat accurate mock-up reflecting object in space COMET
Spread out terribly impressed, having lost millions DISPERSE
Valedictory international bill on English stage ELEGIAC
What is to eat on the move? TOASTIE

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