The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 31 2018

Clues Answers
A struggle to pack a ton and fly AVIATE
Approximate in weight, and forged WROUGHT
Away and certain to be heard — not far from the coast OFFSHORE
Band bare all and leave at last STRIPE
Composition needing delicacy is English TREATISE
Criminal here to use superior accommodation TREEHOUSE
Drinks in one area of rolling hills DOWNS
Encourage rapid growth, ignoring head URGE
Ephemeral spirit Old Nick rejected SHORTLIVED
Evil king’s ruin SINK
Furthest from the centre — and high in intensity EXTREME
Go with son and tip up cooker on fire TURNSPIT
Grouchy old American chasing tin vessel CANTANKEROUS
Helps to chase runs and attacks RAIDS
In America, a gun each APIECE
Irritation includes concerns for this literary form PICARESQUE
Just out of the medals facing Spain, say the press FOURTHESTATE
Likely to win strange spoon, oddly ODDSON
Moved en masse from fighting in southern Mediterranean SWARMED
Mystery perplexed Hindu town WHODUNNIT
Names sit awkwardly, keeping credit for offenders MISCREANTS
Plague caused by coppers covering steps in field PESTILENCE
Raise charge in case of rapids or rocks REEFS
Reacted emotionally to such material FELT
Suitable work left on board with a Parisienne OPPORTUNE
The girl has gone for a drink here! SHEBEEN
The majority of ladies must accept predicaments can be healthy WHOLESOME
Waterfowl work on good fruit GOOSEGOG
Witches needing no lid for this cooker OVEN
Within earshot, guarding approaches NEARS

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