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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 4 2018

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Clues Answers
… changing pants, idea is so cool DISPASSIONATE
Adult, small below, in pieces ASUNDER
Attach ‘cut down bad habit’ warning ADVICE
Bad sport inhibiting one’s cheers PROSIT
Beer ends namely in containers here? BREWERIES
Caused upset on hospital department ENTAILED
Checked and exposed trapping Queen BARRED
Chess piece one jumps over King ROOK
Consume, consumed by binges, tippling INGEST
Cool match official occasionally cried quietly REFRESH
Correct my French taken by a beauty ADMONISH
Demure in action getting seduced DECOYED
Dock facing North River SEVERN
Exclusive lot is terribly exclusive initially ELITE
God of sex with bronze exterior TITAN
Guard dog is old lady’s pet MASTIFF
Inspires American with, like, acquiring knowledge AWAKENS
Laurence looking terrible in blue? CERULEAN
Legally giving sanctuary in sacred surroundings HONESTLY
More offbeat satire oddly covers outrage STRANGER
Most cutting exam after tell-tale turned up TARTEST
Old Nick relating to skeleton OSTEAL
Page messenger taking time COURTIER
Popular detective, cocky, coming over brave INTREPID
Put pressure on sick to get medicine PILL
Rubbish actress almost given new role RECAST
Striking and elegant, but for pants … UNFORGETTABLE
Terribly masculine sporting lad’s big-chested BOSOMY
Tool that’s fancy eases cut trimming rose’s top SECATEURS
Trigger’s first with rogues Del and Rodney? TROTTERS