The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 5 2018

Clues Answers
Any number taken on board by one engaged in money matters FINANCE
Artist careered off course in a zone few get to? RESTRICTEDAREA
Athlete comes to Scottish peak, having eaten a bit of food RUNNERBEAN
Attend bash BEAT
Be like a pachyderm and don’t get upset easily HAVEATHICKSKIN
Breeze is fine, clearing the head AIR
Building secured, sealed off at the front HUT
Class enthralled by tutors or teachers SORT
Daughter is in grass on blanket INDISCRIMINATE
Earnest prayers from competitors filled with worry ENTREATIES
Erotic miss involved in muscle-building exercises ISOMETRICS
Essayist producing excellent article in French, revolutionary ELIA
Happy to embrace good person, a competitor CONTESTANT
I’d panic with our garb astray — could it be in here? AIRINGCUPBOARD
Island in risky enterprise SKYE
Lieutenant to suffer at home STANDIN
Little old peers and VIPs, terribly dictatorial OPPRESSIVE
Mum’s upset the little boy SAM
Quartet participating in concerts no longer ONCE
See battle trophy being put outside, a sort of shell SCALLOP
Sheep — not so many in the middle EWE
Start to select apparatus for dramatic performance SKIT
Stories offering discord reader finally abandoned FICTION
Successful book rep doing more business than the rest? BESTSELLER
The saint wicked? Is the opposite ANTITHESIS
They may hiss, exerting pressure STEAMIRONS
Undertaking demand after short time TASK
Very dry except when river floods in BRUT

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