The Telegraph – Cryptic – Oct 9 2018

Clues Answers
A bit each APIECE
A red employed by Spencer is eye-catching CERISE
By lake, spotted pierid briefly fluttering — that interests me? LEPIDOPTERIST
Contribution from home deposited INPUT
Fly back in rear of helicopter with E. Coli needing treatment RECOIL
Game lady, not half, scores freely LACROSSE
Gas discharged by a representative FIREDAMP
Get on after groom in equestrian event DRESSAGE
Group round bar suffering reversal in game TENNIS
Help one cover obstacle HANDICAP
Historian’s musical instrument? RECORDER
Incomplete passage concerning fielding position EXTRACOVER
Keen observer, European, at present enthralled by river WEATHEREYE
Lots lost weight SHEDLOAD
Magnificent having lots of money in hand ROYALFLUSH
Male, Greek, breaking record producing wine THEGRAPE
One who likes to stay up late close to West End in capital? NIGHTOWL
Policeman arresting husband, extremely prickly and rough CHOPPY
Power mad buccaneer PIRATE
Primate boxing in small part of church APSE
Protest could get wild if rained off UNREST
Ring and order fruit ORANGE
Rope appears once a trial is done LARIAT
The Parisian coming into view having lost little time getting vehicle fit for use in snow SLEIGH
Type of timber in two golf clubs IRONWOOD
Wagon carrying beer turned up in quadrangle YARD
Wears tie loose? In a way ASITWERE
Weighty book, not English dictionary, gives this cocktail TOMCOLLINS

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