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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 10 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Cats’ problem, musical delivery? HAIRBALL
A drug that builds muscle for heavenly body ASTEROID
A politician in office, wet DAMPEN
A wave on top ASWELL
Better, a civic role CAPACITY
Bewildered, guy struggling to keep tail of snake in the sack BUGEYED
Bit of a looker quaffing second wine RETSINA
Communist leader inspired by rhetoric, as Trotsky CASTRO
Continent with mountains primarily toured by girl LANDMASS
Country that’s worth more than a pound? GUINEA
Difficult book about foreign money TROUBLESOME
Drinking last of vermouth, I bemoan lamentable free spirit BOHEMIAN
Fight and fight for bird SPARROW
Game attempts to give flirty signal when squiffy? TIDDLYWINKS
Lively __ as soy sauce? FULLOFBEANS
Million-dollar contract? I’m not impressed! BIGDEAL
Needing lots of determination at first to turn over, old generator DYNAMO
Nemesis, England invading state AVENGER
One into old maps makes things clear EXPLAINS
Policeman enters a complex carrying gun, initially SERGEANT
Revolutionary film showing drug-dealer CHEMIST
Rotten count was commanding ADDLED
Rwanda confused with teeny part of northern England TYNEANDWEAR
Silver perhaps ending in skip, furious PIRATE
Sporting call angered drunk ENGARDE
Structure that may pop in solid weapon FIREARM
Trap finally caught fish TANGLE
Trustworthy hand STRAIGHT