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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Aching to incorporate seating area, getting established LONGSTANDING
Adulterous couple should confront this regularly ignored dynasty TWOTIMING
Analysed a test-market stocking drugs SEDATES
Announce the lady’s mistreated lad HERALD
Argued violently after son gets sweet SUGARED
Artistic city’s redesigned around tip STYLISTIC
Benefit of lies oddly underpinning party DOLE
Bought on the way up when seeing such garments TOGAS
Classic poet’s house on the sea in France HOMER
Cooking, get poetic about a dish COTTAGEPIE
Country home needing assistance to make a comeback INDIA
Delivery vehicles exploit aids for anglers MILKFLOATS
Discreet attention seeker? PSST
European article adopted in case of dispute DANE
Extended prison term in exposed environment? OUTSTRETCHED
Forces smile awkwardly absorbing pressure IMPELS
Hooligan sport enthusiast embracing Formula One RUFFIAN
Insist, and offer to keep deadlock STANDOFF
Junior to enter grovelling initially suffering UNDERGOING
Newly-developed African oil state CALIFORNIA
One’s heart is in touch for a spell TRANCE
Papal gag or rein, after a fashion GREGORIAN
Part of problem in ironing dress MINI
Plan great changes in animal enclosure STRATEGY
Prime Minister needs best sort of growth MAYFLOWER
Rest of page in red is redrafted SPIDER
Shock a friend welcoming pressure APPAL
Traders possibly accepting nothing for such a vehicle ROADSTER
Turn it up intermittently — speed gives notable success TRIUMPH
Vet finally has joint settlement TOWNSHIP