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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 13 2018

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Clues Answers
American base leader of squadron takes advantage of USES
Architect’s endless list INVENTOR
Article that might be vague INDEFINITE
Bringing up issue? PARENTING
Bury the Queen after France and Spain get involved INTERFERE
By the sound of it, drank a delicious beverage NECTAR
Cat might do this endlessly — sit to get desired goal PURPOSE
Criminal denied it if discovered IDENTIFIED
Ended nice meandering about writer’s freedom INDEPENDENCE
Exercises by Royal Marines and a new gentleman? No good continuing PERMANENT
Floor not right upstairs — the other way STUN
Gold rubbish I’d returned, one hears AUDITOR
Letter — nothing great OMEGA
Loud child oddly easily understood LUCID
Mastermind in Greene novel ENGINEER
Model learner follows hypothesis IDEAL
One might deal with canine depression — it’s barking DENTIST
One who casts luvvie initially in exasperation ANGLER
Pressure on chaps to wear quite fancy clobber EQUIPMENT
Promising no Conservative married just once is leaving OMITTING
Question to policeman about heart of investigation TOPIC
Randomly counting carts leaving a building CONSTRUCTING
Sender entirely absorbs letter fee? RENT
Spot a breed with no tail AREA
Stepped over to cover chap asleep DORMANT
Still half sick, left hospital department SILENT
Swell girl departed DILATE
Taken up and taken over OCCUPIED
Trade spread, creating congestion TRAFFICJAM
Work place hostility OPPOSITION