The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 14 2018

Clues Answers
A grassy area cut __ first requirement for Saturday matches AGREES
A rarer critic troubled about RAF provision for planes AIRCRAFTCARRIER
A target’s hit in sporting events REGATTAS
Actor so out of sorts, endlessly unwell __ medicine needed CASTOROIL
Army officer preceding English king noted for merriment COLE
Authority makes you cross, regularly sick inside MUSCLE
Be twitching with everyone joining in, as befits some dancing BALLETIC
Call on old lover, animated about end of affair EXHORT
Cast aside yearbook, having ignored the second article ANNUL
Element having game in shop repeatedly troublesome PHOSPHORUS
Excursion by lake has Heather gibbering DRIVELLING
Fear a bishop, sadly lacking first sign of saintliness PHOBIA
Fellow who sang funny songs somewhere in Belgium FLANDERS
Guide employer around hospital USHER
Learner in ridiculously hot dance that requires much athleticism DECATHLON
No return for one? SINGLE
One girl carrying another across river in small country ANDORRAN
Provider of weaponry in a group of jolly types accompanying our monarch ARMOURER
Really enjoy school subject? Latin initially is hard! RELISH
See son in domestic party being horrible LOATHSOME
Somewhere near Fleet Street, editor is left behind STRANDED
Sportingly deliver sporting trophy? BOWL
Staggering movement to capture British revolutionary REBEL
Support player playing after break from game? BACK
Tapestry hung upside down in amateur operation __ chaos! DISARRAY
Time to tuck into island dish BALTI
Timely message about bodyguard REMINDER
Too critical, sometimes putting many characters off ALSO
Up a sort of tree, cat learns to jump ANCESTRAL

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