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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 17 2018

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Clues Answers
A whip cut, I’m sorry to say ALAS
Airmen prepared to be caught by US soldier, writing on the wall GRAFFITI
Attempt to suppress principal in Cambridge, light blue CLAMPDOWN
Broadcast aired, song in order ORGANISED
Centre is repaired privately INSECRET
Comprehensive done maintaining order, initially THOROUGH
Cursed swindle set up CONFOUNDED
Error keeping shed fenced off SHUTIN
Finish offering loans, capital spent ENDING
Fraud in equestrian competition? One’s taken to court BADMINTONRACKET
From pass and save, some goal? CROSSBAR
Great weight is in wood — stagger ASTONISH
House party? Murder! DOIN
Jog by, around border BOUNDARY
Little boy after somewhere for bathing suit SPADES
Long bag snipped at both ends ACHE
Measure drunk before a play DRAMA
Meeting covering new poet DANTE
Muddle bad, go in and ask for cleaner BAKINGSODA
Nothing forbidding in reputation ODOUR
Old transporter in which Irishman carries daughter SEDAN
Orange tongue MANDARIN
Outsider grounded when misbehaving UNDERDOG
Position held by Pakistan, certainly STANCE
Radical had been sent off? LEFTFIELD
So I’m not convinced REALLY
Stuffed by nobleman, Conservative gets a shiner REARLIGHT
Type of rock became hard GOTH
With opener dismissed, more than one drawing lots OODLES