The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 21 2018

Clues Answers
A church musician may have such an ear? ORGAN
A way to get around the Big Apple, no matter what ANYROAD
Ace getting married is emotionally overwhelmed AWED
Attack impudent talk about parrot PILLORY
Big figures in firm, one going down after failure COLOSSI
Bird the woman’s tucked into, something smoked CHEROOT
Dafter ladies maybe where seaside entertainment takes place? LOOPIER
Describes leading couple from Denmark, old people DEPICTS
Flounder as man at party, finally upsetting top lady STAGGER
Is word of disapproval backfiring for African? TUTSI
Job is troubled with angst with chaps interrupting ASSIGNMENT
Letters may inform them of legal requirements TENANTS
Like fatty food in college pantry? BUTTERY
Mum grabbed by sailor in river TAMAR
Notice five workers keeping time — rewards offered ADVANTAGES
Number here with heartless interceptions — grasping types TENTACLES
Oriental festival the beginning of November EASTERN
Quieten down, having a very quiet rest APPEASE
Royal females governed small island RANIS
Scamper as female on fire FLIT
Show drama beginning with hellish location DISPLAY
Show initiative after quiet appeal PLEAD
Small room in house left half abandoned, wonderful thing earlier GLORYHOLE
Some French notion about traitor supplying essential requirements DESIDERATA
Spirit with look not OK — ugh, awful! GHOUL
State requirement after moths have invaded wardrobe? NEWJERSEY
Supply prisoner with words of commendation CONTRIBUTE
Tree in line a knight hides behind ROWAN
Twenty losing head and heart CORE
Type to be curt, sending husband away SORT
Useless stuff from American soldier — maiden breaks down GIMCRACKS
Writer has extra line fitting in WILDE

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