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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 24 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Act proper’ for man celebrating to some extent PERFORMANCE
A Welsh girl from somewhere out east ASIAN
Bad detectives legged it first RANCID
Black 2 in card game BRAG
Book flight EXODUS
Cheat dealer? CARDSHARP
Check rower’s bench THWART
Dawn’s a star at university SUNUP
Deem the end — then, oddly, a lessening of tensions DETENTE
Endless meatloaf served up as breakfast food OATMEAL
Exotic dancer welcomes a student for series of dates CALENDAR
Let on about John? ELTON
Like flatbread, perhaps, not made to stick UNPROVEN
Make priest fix radio before noon ORDAIN
Mum, visibly embarrassed? A bit SHRED
Mysterious drunk seen in East Morecambe? ESOTERIC
Officer’s information on armed criminal GENDARME
One favouring trees all over the place? FORESTER
People rejected unfashionable actors on first part of show OUTCASTS
Question model POSER
Remake of ET, anyhow, is in progress ONTHEWAY
Something to shoot unlimited meat AMMO
Source of hot air exposed in Scottish town AIRDRIE
Stop country curse DAMNATION
Strange paradigm about hospital displaying body part DIAPHRAGM
Strong jump to follow marine creature, we hear MUSCLEBOUND
Swindle involving Republican, one on the (big) fiddle? DUPRE
This person’s upset about dress that’s very small MICROBE
Tiredness of girl on ‘The X Factor’ due to dance LASSITUDE
What a footballer usually won’t want for free TRANSFER