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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 25 2018

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Clues Answers
A role not being taken into account APART
Accepted elderly must imbibe red, mostly AGREED
Acquire a knowledge of humorist and knight LEARN
Adjusted TV near bar TAVERN
Appear in court before foremost of magistrates SEEM
Article on pitch in Gibraltar THEROCK
Artist capturing male bird that can’t fly RHEA
Check popular page in part of paper INSPECTION
Complacent son, soft touch SMUG
Cover charge? PREMIUM
Covers one with peppery seeds CAPSICUM
Female diarist shot, gets immediate attention FIRSTAID
For example, leader of group, chief boffin EGGHEAD
Form of verse member of the clergy abridged, then cut CLERIHEW
Game chap who delivers, opening in second innings POSTMANSKNOCK
Greek character hosting a dance LAMBADA
Groups of workers across English river GANGES
Left fabulous ship south of central island KEYLARGO
Mate in Italian city hugging daughter — Anna, perhaps PALINDROME
New spares sent round have to meet a required standard PASSMUSTER
Private detective I use is rubbish! MYEYE
Ruin atmosphere in retreat DOOM
The old man ringing about object of fear DREAD
They may relieve tension in derby as row breaks out WORRYBEADS
Treacherous type in West stand WEASEL
Where lots go to join game AUCTIONBRIDGE