The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 26 2018

Clues Answers
Animal’s temperature in helium perhaps going up STAG
Area of company making sweeper cover busy road BOARDROOM
Boxer during break must be a practical type REALIST
Called boy attending bride perhaps starting to doubt PAGED
Car stops outside north of Rugby for service given MINISTRATIONS
Charge defined by Latin dictionaries INDICT
Children may be a bone of contention ISSUE
Container needed by group outside a church? SACHET
Cuts speech oddly in pieces BISECTS
Flatmate may be more alert, ignoring parking SHARER
Horse’s insect problem making a comeback MUSTANG
Independent people welcoming clubs’ lack of movement INACTION
Live close to region developed with hub NEIGHBOUR
Not working after notice, and stop claiming benefit SIGNOFF
Pressure confuses crew on Queen Elizabeth and another vessel PADDLESTEAMER
Provoked editor after incident OCCASIONED
Relation with a right to be less than explicit UNCLEAR
Sacks reserves BAGS
Sign accepting he’s an authority on words THESAURUS
Slight case of reserve in front of enthusiast REBUFF
Sort of vehicle difficult to pass initially HARDTOP
Spring pudding as butt of joke? APRILFOOL
Struggles, seeing Greek tech company succeeded GRAPPLES
Stung by soldiers finding range ORBIT
Take in a smile as it develops ASSIMILATE
Try very hard except being occupied by 6 and university BUSTAGUT
Unenlightened Italian bloke losing head with worker IGNORANT
Women enveloped by strain may be able to move fast SWIFT

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