The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 27 2018

Clues Answers
Acknowledge fraud by company CONFIRM
Cheer as drunk comes to REACHES
Cost for one picture to be replaced, acquiring new one UNITPRICE
Crop Cockney’s equally split with another adult ALFALFA
Cutlery made from soapstone undergoing deterioration TEASPOONS
Figure lifted on horse, old knight NONAGON
Foreign gents endorse tourism regularly SIGNORS
Half ogle at that woman’s tanned skin LEATHER
Handle eccentric CRANK
Individual in Australia reported complete environmental concern OZONEHOLE
International in a French running club UNION
Irritable noble initially tried to replace king UPTIGHT
Lads keeping vanguard of Persian soldiers back SPONSOR
Land united by saint is content for song AUSTRIA
Moving hen to new house, duck following ONTHEHOOF
Prepared pass to enter study READIED
Rows about European holiday? They’ll resolve who wins TIEBREAKERS
Seat on flight for young miscreant? NAUGHTYSTEP
Sherlock’s covering case of evidence gathered by doctor, follower DEERSTALKER
Some animals pong, especially sea creatures SPONGES
Stick around river to see bird CRANE
Sweets insect fed to drones HUMBUGS
Take back US soldier’s instruments BANJOES
They praise able rector’s broadcast CELEBRATORS
Told what you need to get in house for dogs YORKIES
Using force on rebellion, ousting leader PRISING
Watery area in France which is beside short river AQUEOUS
What might be used to enter timber home? LOGIN

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