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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 28 2018

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Clues Answers
A new Conservative in very bad breakaway movement SEVERANCE
Crumbling terrain around Western Australia __ does it need this? RAINWATER
Go right back around rocks to find amphibian TREEFROG
Hit by hostile elements WEATHERBEATEN
Inclined to give a special emphasis ITALICISED
Indian female managed to keep English in tow repeatedly RANEE
Indicate something risky __ zero range of knowledge! BETOKEN
Like violent 10, changing terrain to lake? TORRENTIAL
Little girl has point to make about a particular pope SISTINE
Mark’s violent movement DASH
New limo to be given gold front __ special example of this! AUTOMOBILE
Not up for deceitful action LYING
Old boy may be given it __ but not while still alive! OBIT
Part of county in south-east __ it’s not this around north-east! THANET
Personal appeal of woman who does and is attached to mum CHARISMA
Physicist of principle begins here to be disturbed HEISENBERG
Pig out getting this food? TRUFFLE
Request around start of recital for a particular composer BERG
Rod may go along with me to the river FISHINGTACKLE
Rough sound with one drunk turning up for Mexican food BURRITOS
Rubbish food from the butcher? TRIPE
Sixty minutes with one alluring female HOURI
Skin preparation? Simpleton absorbs it the wrong way LOTION
Star taken round hospital, being hurt ACHE
Store’s top jumpers? They may be looking for them SHOPPERS
They may need to get the political landscape mapped out afresh CARTOGRAPHERS
This Rev. spouting does well THRIVES
Women at matches taking a leading role? MAIDSOFHONOUR