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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 3 2018

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Clues Answers
‘African Queen’ seen in dodgy areas online SIERRALEONEAN
A pair point out ghost APPARITION
Active US serviceman overcome by booze AGILE
Animal last to leave country ELAND
Be eager to describe wife as seductive? BEWITCHING
Conservative deceived nation CHAD
Consider filling about right for dip CRATER
Draw a piece of land, with time to get absorbed ATTRACT
Former investigator, we hear PRIOR
God turned up in Benidorm ODIN
Happiness certain to follow appeal PLEASURE
Head’s mad NUTS
Henry I only comes to fish HALIBUT
Horrified — price-tag has torn clothes AGHAST
Intelligent beagle knew old criminal KNOWLEDGEABLE
Lecturer flipped about graduate, one of no fixed abode NOMAD
Like shipmates fated to sink or swim together? INTHESAMEBOAT
Line problem WRINKLE
More than one hit dance on first instalment of Strictly BOPS
Old king’s embracing French friends in their underwear CAMISOLES
Put a damper on Danes and their cooking DISHEARTEN
Sloppy cereal unsettled sons CARELESS
Sonnet king composed in part of London KENSINGTON
Source of wifi in nightclub HOTSPOT
Stupidly gamble about a pound in sport BALLGAME
The setter’s disgusting, not about to be rash IMPULSIVE
Unwelcome callers during a performance? HECKLERS
Where naughty reptiles go when they pass … their home? TORTOISESHELL