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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 5 2018

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Clues Answers
A cheap buy in nick? SNIP
A person’s reputation is protected in Latin America NAME
Chamois tends to absorb water MOISTEN
Consumer that warms up leaving hotel EATER
Creating a remarkable end to match? STRIKING
Credit one’s doubled for a time of extreme difficulty CRISIS
Criminal’s feeling of great anxiety in Germany GANGSTER
Developing state aim and theme simultaneously ATTHESAMETIME
Extensive adjustments made to caller’s age LARGESCALE
Fill up, oddly, in front of village’s last outlet FLUE
Fork out about fifty on excursions with no time for such wonders SPLENDOURS
Having groups of friends, sign off POSSESSING
Independent lines may follow trouble with animosity ILLWILL
Information on unprotected road in port GENOA
Latest requirement to protect tooth during walk, oddly NEWFANGLED
Made out? This genius did badly DISTINGUISHED
Person who may fall for an actor STUNTMAN
Popular drink with one daughter, but bland INSIPID
Prevents the majority of the verrucas THWARTS
Profile team SIDE
Public houses seeing fresh growth in lease WATERINGHOLES
Ready before standard European debate’s beginning PREPARED
Rushed up with arguments for contracts NARROWS
Tear off, certain with voter out for wealth TREASURETROVE
This may be blown, although keeping silent on the outside WHISTLE
University politician under 20? Lots! UMPTEEN
Went out thrilled, with no end of traffic EXITED
Wine marinade blended with no end of gin MADEIRA