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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 6 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Fix’ cat maybe owning ginger and white fur PREDETERMINE
‘Outlook’ is necessary, not as organised SCENERY
Adolescent youth’s head is minuscule TEENY
Boxers perhaps rejected second prize DRAWERS
Bubbly English male that’s not without love EBULLIENT
City guides for the audience LEEDS
Consider Queen backing wing taking pawn RESPECT
Crack exterior if I cement internally ORIFICE
Disparage article worn by true nerd at sea UNDERRATE
Drug everyone admitting the old bachelor’s rough EYEBALL
Essence of detective headquarters to contain trouble DISTILLATION
Film brilliant gallery ACETATE
Go back right before exit REGRESS
Hindu holy character is blue colour, almost SADHU
Labour and Tory oddly capping benefit TRAVAIL
Left with a new bird seeing light LANTERN
Muggins is tentatively keeping resolute INSISTENT
Proceeds topless and turns to go? INNINGS
Rest start to do all right DWELL
Ring, possibly criminal operation, accepting time inside CONTACT
Shame Germany, say, about to take notice DEGRADE
Strangely hot etchings including beginner’s bedroom gear NIGHTCLOTHES
Subterfuge could be so naive EVASION
Sweet of the French, very French tipping DESSERT
Sweetheart with strange dream about large gem EMERALD
Tonsure cut around top of head SHAVING
Transferred company, backing being purchased by mutual? RELOCATED
Wandering minstrel with a tune, mostly musical piece INSTRUMENTAL