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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Sep 7 2018

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Clues Answers
A hundred and one restrictions in places like London CITIES
Allowed granny to go to church — that’s mattered, getting outside COUNTENANCED
Belt making bonier lad look silly BANDOLIER
Bullies are evident in this game HOCKEY
Calm down male faced with something falling down chimney? SOOTHE
Carrying gun, did bulge out DISTEND
Close shave leader avoided running to ground EARTHING
Criminals — Robin and suchlike primarily? HOODS
End of May — before the usual time for annual to appear YEARLY
Famous wedding venue overlooking lake or some other waterway CANAL
Fire in one holiday cottage accommodating any number IGNITE
Flattery? The blind man’s put out BLANDISHMENT
Hoary worker hugging citizen that’s lost a lot of heart ANCIENT
Influence of bank probed by newspaper LEVERAGE
Left-wing party is beginning to threaten SOCIALIST
Lover dumped on foreign island? One can’t feel at home EXILE
Opportunist, unknown character in court CHANCERY
People who scoff in this corner shop SCORNERS
Prepared to study before getting Third in Physics READY
Prisoner having got moulded obeyed the rules CONFORMED
Proper to have journalist briefed PRIMED
Revile girl’s father and show anger DISPARAGE
Settle in work mostly wearing coat POPULATE
Smell attached to old biblical city? That’s funny! HUMOUR
Something very small supporting a big mass? PROTON
Stuck on a couple of pages, then called it a day? APPENDED
What sounds like rubbish provided by Heather gossiping TATTLING
Wicked home with time for witty conversation BADINAGE