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The Telegraph – General Knowledge – Apr 8 2018

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Clues Answers
— II, last ruler of Aztec empire in Mexico MONTEZUMA
Abbreviation for a county in northern England NORTHUMB
Bantu language widely used in East Africa SWAHILI
Beat with a stick on the soles of the feet BASTINADO
Bird that’s a dangerous creature in Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poems JUBJUB
Cavalry regiment commanded by Oliver Cromwell IRONSIDES
Collection of quatrains by Omar Khayyam RUBAIYAT
Contagious infection of the skin IMPETIGO
English author of ‘The Stones of Venice’ RUSKIN
Evil fame or public reputation INFAMY
Female farm animal NANNYGOAT
Hungarian professor who invented a famous cube RUBIK
Hypothetical charged subatomic particle of large mass WBOSON
In zoology, small hooked structures UNCINI
Jean-Jacques –, 1712-78, French philosopher and writer ROUSSEAU
Clues Answers
Military district on boundary of former Hungarian kingdom BANAT
One using tribal objects as symbols of kinship TOTEMIST
Opera in four parts by Verdi ERNANI
Person who studies trees ARBORICULTURIST
Place in court where committee of adjudicators sit during a trial JURYBOX
Port at mouth of River Elbe in north-west Germany CUXHAVEN
Relating to Moses’s brother AARONIC
Small slender racing dog WHIPPET
Structure designed to give lift in flight AEROFOIL
Style of Black African urban music originating in Soweto MBAQANGA
Tetrabranchiate cephalopods NAUTILI
The Sunflower State KANSAS
Titan in Greek mythology, personification of river believed to flow around Earth OCEANUS
Village in Wychavon District in southern Worcestershire BREDON