The Telegraph – General Knowledge – Aug 12 2018

Clues Answers
Active volcano on Sicily ETNA
All the birdlife of a region ORNIS
Ancient city on River Tigris destroyed in 7th and 8th centuries AD CTESIPHON
Belief that the mind possesses some ideas that are inborn NATIVISM
Bruce __, US singer and songwriter SPRINGSTEEN
Dummy cannon used to deceive an enemy QUAKERGUN
Electronic junk mail SPAM
Fattened liver of a duck or goose FOIEGRAS
Forward upper end of a sail that sets with a boom NOCK
Humped Asian ox ZEBU
In classical mythology the god of the underworld PLUTO
Instrument for measuring illumination LUXMETER
Italian composer of ‘The Fountains of Rome’ RESPIGHI
Known fraction of a whole ALIQUOT
Minute aquatic animals ROTIFERA
Moved with a curving trajectory ARCED
Near shore of Lake Baikal, chief city in Siberia IRKUTSK
North American shrub of the genus Ilex WINTERBERRY
Poem by John Keats ODETOAUTUMN
Policy laid down by political leaders PARTYLINE
Red or white Spanish table wine RIOJA
Relating to a diagrammatic representation GRAPHIC
Rest satisfied without raising any objection ACQUIESCE
Seaside resort in West Sussex WORTHING
Small building in garden for sitting in in good weather SUMMERHOUSE
South American skunk Zorillo
Storms or takes by force EXPUGNS
Tree with hand-shaped leaves FANPALM
Tropical evergreen tree yielding gamboge and mangosteen GARCINIA
West African country, capital Yaounde CAMEROON

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