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The Telegraph – General Knowledge – Aug 19 2018

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Clues Answers
__ II, the Unready, King of England from 978 to 1016 ETHELRED
1896 opera by Puccini LABOHEME
1952 epic swashbuckling adventure film starring Robert Taylor IVANHOE
Affecting an oily charm UNCTUOUS
Capital of Uganda during period of British rule ENTEBBE
Desert in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana KALAHARI
Dwight __, American country singer and songwriter YOAKAM
Edith __, author of ‘The House of Mirth’ WHARTON
Entertainer with noisy shoes TAPDANCER
Feline with a thin curly coat REXCAT
Jewish Day of Atonement YOMKIPPUR
Last of the twelve judges in the Book of Judges SAMSON
Leon __, Baron __ of Spennithorne BRITTAN
Living both on land and in the water AMPHIBIAN
Lower parts of duets SECONDI
Male of a small species of deer ROEBUCK
Meat, cake or souffle mixture served rolled up containing a filling ROULADE
Mountainous island in central Philippines MINDORO
Name in pastoral poetry for a shepherdess or country girl AMARYLLIS
Official of a mosque who calls the faithful to prayer MUEZZIN
Prevent from accomplishing something THWART
Refined incisive wit ATTICSALT
Roman magistrate whose ancestors had never held office NOVUSHOMO
Samuel __, 1780-1838, English philanthropist ALLSOPP
Saturn satellite thought to be composed mainly of ice ENCELADUS
Scandinavian spirit flavoured with caraway seeds AQUAVIT
Sir __ Campbell, Scottish Liberal Democrat politician Menzies
Slot for receiving mail POSTBOX
Stew containing green Indian corn and beans SUCCOTASH
Sweden’s oldest university is in this city UPPSALA