The Telegraph – General Knowledge – Aug 5 2018 August 5 2018

Clues Answers
Love for __’, novel by H. E. Bates LYDIA
1997 monster horror film starring Matthew Broderick GODZILLA
Bunched tuft of branches, roots or fibres FASCICLE
Capital of Turkey ANKARA
Chief commercial ore of aluminium BAUXITE
Form of Japanese verse also known as linked verse RENGA
Interjection used in place of yes UHHUH
International motor-race GRANDPRIX
Japanese container with several compartments for sushi or cold food BENTOBOX
Joshua __, 1917-99, Zimbabwean politician NKOMO
Large oval precious stone, part of crown jewels since 1849 KOHINOORDIAMOND
Milky or creamy alcoholic liquor EGGNOG
Naturally-occurring amino acid LDOPA
Of a dish, served with white grapes VERONIQUE
Of a system of belief CREDAL
Old Testament spelling of Jehovah YAHWEH
Organism that lives in absence of free oxygen ANAEROBE
Owners of inns or restaurants in Italy PADRONI
Poem by Schiller set to music by Beethoven ODETOJOY
Rare word meaning laughing or merry RIANT
Ray __, US singer with hit ‘The Streak’ in 1974 STEVENS
Robert __ __, US film actor in ‘Taxi Driver’ DENIRO
Scottish essayist and historian whose works include ‘Sartor Resartus’ CARLYLE
Search through every part RANSACK
Sir Trevor __, English international footballer who became a football administrator BROOKING
Sixth President of the USA JOHNQUINCYADAMS
Small town in Northumberland east of Morpeth ASHINGTON
South-west English counties, especially Dorset, in Thomas Hardy’s works WESSEX
Sports competition in North America TOURNEY
Wild impassioned choral hymn in ancient Greece DITHYRAMB

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