The Telegraph – General Knowledge – Mar 4 2018

Clues Answers
22nd and 24th President of USA GROVERCLEVELAND
Attractive combination of sparkle and vitality PZAZZ
Author of ‘Cakes and Ale’ SOMERSETMAUGHAM
Big wheel by River Thames LONDONEYE
Bivalve mollusc of the genus Solen Razorfish
Character known as ‘The Whelp’ in ‘Hard Times’ TOMGRADGRIND
Charlotte M. –, author of ‘The Heir of Redclyffe’ YONGE
City and resort in south-east Florida MIAMI
City on Gulf of Mexico in western Florida STPETERSBURG
Costa –, part of the Spanish coast BRAVA
Deadly poison from a ranunculaceous plant Aconitum
Desiderius –, Dutch philosopher ERASMUS
Expression from French meaning as a friend ENAMI
In a ridiculous manner ABSURDLY
Clues Answers
Inscription of three letters TRIGRAM
Insulated container to keep food cold COOLBAG
Japanese therapy involving the laying on of hands REIKI
Mercenary in feudal Japan NINJA
Of some rocks formed in late Jurassic period RHAETIC
Open by tearing UNRIP
Phrase from Latin meaning by the very act IPSOFACTO
Playfully mischievous scamp SCALLYWAG
Port in Sicily by strait of the same name MESSINA
Sir Harry –, 1921-2001, Welsh singer and entertainer SECOMBE
Standard monetary unit of the Maldives Rufiyaa
Strait between European and Asian Turkey; shop or bus (anag.) BOSPHORUS
Thick laying on of pigments IMPASTO
Town in Metropolitan Borough of Dudley HALESOWEN

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