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The Telegraph – General Knowledge – Oct 7 2018

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Clues Answers
__ centre, area where municipal buildings are situated CIVIC
__ Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury ROWAN
A traditional Scottish confection EDINBURGHROCK
American comic strip illustrated by Scott Adams DILBERT
Burning or flaming torch FLAMBEAU
Carriage for carrying passengers RAILCAR
Cross between tangerine and pomelo TANGELO
Forming brilliant mental images VIVID
Fortified building five miles from Maidstone LEEDSCASTLE
Fungal disease in cereals and other grasses ERGOT
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich __, 1770-1831, German philosopher HEGEL
Hardy perennial saxifrage LONDONPRIDE
High-level computer programming language PROLOG
Irish county in Connacht province LEITRIM
Large hunting dog RETRIEVER
Long, usually hooded, cloak CAPOTE
Lotion or cream that completely protects skin from ultraviolet rays SUNBLOCK
Machine for producing stereotyped lines of print LINOTYPE
Made like a person with vulgar tastes PLEBIFIED
Michael __, actor in Monty Python’s Flying Circus PALIN
National Trust garden in East Sussex SHEFFIELDPARK
Not having moved from the original position INSITU
One who is excessively lavish SPENDALL
Situation comedy starring Ardal O’Hanlon FATHERTED
Substance occurring as pigment in butterfly wings PTERIN
Town in Kent with a cathedral ROCHESTER
Vivacious and energetic SPIRITED
Whirling or revolving firework PINWHEEL