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The Telegraph – Quick – Aug 13 2018

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The Telegraph – Quick Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Aug 13 2018 

Clues Answers
Assembly MEETING
Bind (friendship) CEMENT
Brass instrument TUBA
Careful spending THRIFT
Collection under the hammer JOBLOT
Conceive DESIGN
Dartboard centre BULL
Depository STOREROOM
Early film TALKIE
Glaswegian, e.g. SCOT
Greedy and grasping RAPACIOUS
Holy place SHRINE
Involve ENTAIL
Jot; a Greek letter IOTA
Laugh mockingly SNIGGER
Member of clergy DEACON
Of a racial group ETHNIC
Of a South American mountain range ANDEAN
Open pastry FLAN
Professional cook CHEF
Sailor; flag JACK
Sharpness TANG
Shocked AGHAST
Sibilant sound HISS
Slight cold SNIFFLE
Something unimportant SMALLBEER
Thin pasta strip NOODLE
Travel lightly and quickly FLIT
Walking-stick CANE