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The Telegraph – Quick – Aug 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Academic SCHOLAR
Blue printing ink CYAN
Candid OPEN
Clan’s emblem TOTEM
Disdainful SNIFFY
Following the exact meaning LITERAL
Gramophone needle STYLUS
Inspiring goddess MUSE
Male singer TENOR
Mare’s cry, e.g. NEIGH
Merciful nature HUMANITY
Mind the falling tree! TIMBER
Newsreader’s aid AUTOCUE
Of people; gathering SOCIAL
Picture comprising disparate elements MONTAGE
Pleat TUCK
Shack; sailor’s song SHANTY
Smile; wooden supporter? BEAM
Spirited; quarrelsome FEISTY
To sum up INSHORT
Tropical storm TYPHOON
Unbeliever INFIDEL
Vary pitch (of voice) INFLECT
Work hard TOIL