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The Telegraph – Quick – Aug 7 2018

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Clues Answers
Appear SEEM
Bunch of bananas HAND
Charitable event FETE
Clamour TUMULT
Collect; understand GATHER
Compos mentis ALLTHERE
Curve ARC
Deed ACT
Destroy; sunken vessel WRECK
English novelist RIDERHAGGARD
Evergreen shrub MYRTLE
Extremist RADICAL
Flying fox FRUITBAT
Get away ESCAPE
Clues Answers
Have a meal EAT
Look at; centre EYE
Luxurious car LIMOUSINE
Make up; manufacture FABRICATE
Man-eating giant OGRE
Married woman WIFE
North Wales town WREXHAM
Petty quarrel TIFF
Playing card ACE
Potter’s oven KILN
Restaurant employee WAITRESS
Sitter MODEL
Talk excessively GAS
Very old AGED