The Telegraph – QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 29,754 – Aug 14 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
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Ancient Roman garment TOGA
Brown colour COFFEE
Buffoon CLOWN
Candle part WICK
Common viral infection INFLUENZA
Devoutness PIETY
Don’t go STAY
Earl Grey and Darjeeling? TEAS
Flag with three equal stripes TRICOLOUR
Free to do as one pleases FOOTLOOSE
Given the same old roles TYPECAST
Hissing reptile SERPENT
Just down the road NEARBY
Keen to know more AGOG
Left on desert island MAROONED
Quadrilateral RECTANGLE
Research scientists BOFFINS
Salacious STEAMY
Sing the virtues of LAUD
Spiteful gossip DIRT
Unseat (monarch) DETHRONE
Veracious TRUE
We’ll have no more of that! ENOUGH
White wading bird EGRET

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