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The Telegraph – QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 29,773 – Sep 6 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Telegraph Quick Crossword.

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Clues Answers
Bank clerk CASHIER
Colliers MINERS
Contented sound PURR
Deep gorge CANYON
Deserve EARN
English county DURHAM
Get off mother’s milk WEAN
Get smaller SHRINK
Group of cows, e.g. HERD
Irish county MAYO
Item of furniture EASYCHAIR
Japanese warrior SAMURAI
Legendary outlaw ROBINHOOD
Male relative NEPHEW
Messenger of the gods HERMES
New Testament dancer SALOME
Old Testament book AMOS
Practical joke JAPE
Sandbank REEF
Settee SOFA
Sheet of glass PANE
Soundness of mind SANITY
Squalls STORMS
Starvation FAMINE
Temporary INTERIM
Three-hulled boats TRIMARANS
Trolley bus TRAMCAR
Vegetable LEEK
Wild dog JACKAL