The Telegraph – QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 29,994 – May 23 2022 Crossword Solutions

Clues Answers
Aid in distress SUCCOUR
Bring into existence CREATE
Challenger RIVAL
Children’s game LEAPFROG
Component; role PART
Continent ASIA
Dislike intensely HATE
Downright; vertical SHEER
Draw, lottery RAFFLE
Garden pest SLUG
Gardening tool HOE
Group of singers CHOIR
Hearing organs EARS
Made a mistake ERRED
Male cat TOM
Middle East country ISRAEL
Morally corrupt ROTTEN
Scallywag RASCAL
Scorch SEAR
Sea creature OCTOPUS
Semi-conscious state STUPOR
Senior churchman ARCHBISHOP
Shallow recess NICHE
Soothsayer PROPHET
Steering device RUDDER
Stick out PROTRUDE
Striking, impressive REMARKABLE
Underwater missile TORPEDO

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