The Telegraph – QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 30,001 – May 31 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A question WHAT
Anger IRE
Be in debt OWE
Big cat JAGUAR
Bonding cement MORTAR
Building ornament FINIAL
Carrier BEARER
Commit homicide KILL
Confuse BAFFLE
Eggs OVA
Famous, widely known ICONIC
Fish EEL
In the womb UNBORN
Large monkey BABOON
Lime tree LINDEN
Lose consciousness BLACKOUT
One who studies excessively SWOT
Orders, commands EDICTS
Relative COUSIN
Soft mineral TALC
Traffic shortcut RATRUN
Tricky delivery YORKER
Unable to be seen through OPAQUE
Vaccine bottle VIAL
Very dirty FILTHY
Very young sailor CABINBOY

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