The Telegraph – QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 30,090 – Sep 12 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Back up religious type sup­pressing a Gaelic language REVERSE
Brew home beer, fitting at the moment FORTHETIMEBEING
Broke off engagement on Facebook? It wasn’t meant to be! UNINTENDED
Canon’s done exercising — it doesn’t take long NANOSECOND
City diner hosting retirement of current medic CARDIFF
County stores let rector inside SHROPSHIRE
Declare note is sounding sort of identical? SAMEY
Denounce dad and mom’s new beginnings DAMN
Discharge rector replacing bishop as head of trust RELIEVE
Dope harvested from rainforest becomes most precious INFO
Eccentric uncle working to find subatomic particle NUCLEON
Feel cargo gets damaged by such wind GALEFORCE
Hearing it, Jimmy, Graham and Benny might have risen again! THESOUNDOFMUSIC
In the middle of town, diners cursed the proprietors OWNERS
In two minds over a party — it requires quick turnaround TORNADO
It finishes fast, getting new direction EASTERN
It stores images showing popular pair of beastly males INSTAGRAM
List that is covering broadcast times ITEMISE
Loose violin section repels composer IVES
Not many screwed up? Quite the opposite ANTONYM
One may be roasted from exercise with a fanatic PEANUT
One way to get slimmed down parliament DIET
Physical border, which the sun doesn’t cross TANLINE
Prove setter perhaps can be best in class, eventually SHOWDOG
Prudent having American medical facility in food processing plant CANNERY
Record time inside, being so confined CAGED
Spotted returning, carrying daughter’s essentials NEEDS
Tip for cooking tough vegetable CHARD
Unfortunately, it’s holding up better source of wool ALPACAS
Will plot fail if it doesn’t go off? PARCELBOMB

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