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The Telegraph – Quick – Jul 14 2018

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Clues Answers
Accommodate too many OVERCROWD
Animal hole BURROW
Caustic remarks SARCASM
Coming into view APPEARING
Cover completely ENWRAP
Cutting tool RIPSAW
Division SCHISM
Firearm PISTOL
Grinding tool PESTLE
Grotto CAVE
Holy oil CHRISM
Inhabitant DENIZEN
Land surrounded by water ISLE
Lascivious look LEER
Nervous EDGY
Clues Answers
Offensive, row RANK
Penetrate PIERCE
Placate PACIFY
Powerful ruler POTENTATE
Preserve SAVE
Run by the council MUNICIPAL
Saxon King EDMUND
Signs up ENROLS
Stopper CORK
Submissive MEEK
Support PROP
Throw out REJECT
Unsuccessful competitor ALSORAN
Vein of ore LODE
Writing TEXT