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The Telegraph – Quick – Jul 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Actors’ platform STAGE
Archdiocese YORK
Boat across water FERRY
Building block BRICK
Chivalrous knight GALAHAD
Convoluted KNOTTY
Disregarded IGNORED
Edgar Allan ___ POE
Finished OVER
French emperor NAPOLEON
French philosopher DIDEROT
Gives way YIELDS
Intrusive device PROBE
Invertebrate WORM
Italian city TURIN
Clues Answers
Lethargy LANGUOR
Metric foot; to cheer (anag.) TROCHEE
Northern Ireland (loosely) ULSTER
NZ bird KIWI
Old banger JALOPY
Photographic fault REDEYE
Receptacle BIN
Roman garment TOGA
Sculptor RODIN
Spanish sausage CHORIZO
Tanginess PIQUANCY
The Hunter ORION
Virile MANLY
Wildcat LYNX