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The Telegraph – Quick – Jun 26 2018

Published in The Telegraph Quick Crossword. Tags: , , , , , .

Clues Answers
‘The — Boy’ (Rattigan) WINSLOW
Ballroom dance VALETA
Ballroom dance TANGO
Blake –, film director EDWARDS
Cereal grass WHEAT
Clothes cupboard WARDROBE
Dart; pointer ARROW
Decline WANE
Easy victory WALKOVER
Entrance DOORWAY
Flat shellfish OYSTER
Fused metal joint WELD
Clues Answers
Humorously indecent BAWDY
Incorrect WRONG
Ironical understatement LITOTES
Large sea duck EIDER
Legal document WRIT
London station WATERLOO
Receptacle for rubbish WASTEBIN
River dam WEIR
Sagacity WISDOM
Stinging insect WASP
Straggly WISPY
Take away forcibly WREST