The Telegraph – Quick – Mar 15 2018

Clues Answers
Asian country INDIA
Assigned place BERTH
Audio receiver EARPHONE
Central African animal OKAPI
Central European river DANUBE
Comic pair DOUBLEACT
Conductor’s stick BATON
Critical remark BRICKBAT
Delete ERASE
Depart EXIT
E.g. a squirrel RODENT
Family KIN
Fill again REPLENISH
Clues Answers
Fissure RIFT
Greek letter THETA
Hidden commercial practice TRADESECRET
Inscribe WRITE
Italian island ELBA
Mournful work ELEGY
Outstanding feat TOURDEFORCE
Prosecute at law SUE
Referee UMPIRE
Ribbon worn on top HEADBAND
Skilfully WELL
Slip out ESCAPE
Spirited FEISTY

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