The Telegraph – Quick – Mar 16 2018

Clues Answers
— Wesker, playwright ARNOLD
Arab kingdom KUWAIT
City on the Rhine STRASBOURG
Close-harmony music BARBERSHOP
Commencement START
Courageous man HERO
Drinks moderately TIPPLES
Evil spell JINX
In idle fashion LAZILY
Irish poet YEATS
Jack (card) KNAVE
Like heavy type BOLD
Nursery-rhyme Tommy TUCKER
Clues Answers
Object DEMUR
Resembling a lion LEONINE
Restricted, bound TIED
Rower’s implement OAR
Sailing vessel TRIMARAN
Scottish island MULL
Self-contradictory statement PARADOX
Sequence SERIES
Severity RIGOUR
Subatomic particle QUARK
Success HIT
Territory TURF
Type of restaurant PIZZERIA
Workers’ organisation UNION

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