The Telegraph – Quick – Mar 30 2018

Clues Answers
‘Out for the count’ ASLEEP
Apart from others ISOLATED
Architect WREN
Cake ingredient FLOUR
Causing distress GRIEVOUS
Embrace HUG
Fertile haven OASIS
Flowering plant ORCHID
Garment ROBE
Gnawing animal RODENT
Golf club BRASSIE
Hard workers TROJANS
Idle chat GOSSIP
Clues Answers
Inclined surface RAMP
Infection of eyelid STYE
Lacking weapon UNARMED
Plant fibre FLAX
Roman historian LIVY
Sentinel LOOKOUT
Sheepdog COLLIE
Shellfish ORMER
Snapshot PHOTO
Stoneworker MASON
Subdue QUASH
Thirteen for a baker? DOZEN
Truman –, novelist CAPOTE
Very unfriendly HOSTILE

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