The Telegraph – Quick – Oct 20 2018

Clues Answers
& 22 Trained bird HOMING
(On one’s) account BEHALF
BBC’s nickname AUNTIE
Camera stand TRIPOD
Carried chair SEDAN
Coconut plant PALMTREE
Convinced SURE
Covered for burglary? INSURED
Earnest SOLEMN
Imperial weight OUNCE
Lowest form of wit? SARCASM
Naughty sprites IMPS
Proclamation DECREE
Scratch GRAZE
See 1 Across PIGEON
Shoes; inflaters PUMPS
Social insects ANTS
Soothing CALMING
Tiniest scrap IOTA
To last out ENDURE
Unintended consequences SIDEEFFECTS
Watchword MOTTO
Wield a broom SWEEP

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