The Telegraph – Quick – Oct 8 2018

Clues Answers
Belly TUM
Bunny box HUTCH
Country walker HIKER
Cover pipes LAG
Crafty WILY
Deer meat VENISON
Diplomat abroad CONSUL
Fur (garment) MINK
Golfer’s peg TEE
Hidden store CACHE
Himalayan bovine YAK
Hirsute HAIRY
Imprecise VAGUE
Impudence LIP
Invalidate ANNUL
Lughole pain EARACHE
Mature AGED
Metropolis CITY
Pinkish-purple LILAC
Plant with sword-shaped leaves YUCCA
Please; genial KINDLY
Primrose YELLOW
Rummaging gamble? LUCKYDIP
Scold constantly NAG
Spanish-speaking in the US? LATINAMERICAN
V-shaped cut NOTCH
Water sport YACHTING

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