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The Telegraph – Quick – Sep 11 2018

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Clues Answers
A blue-black fruit ELDERBERRY
An intellectual EGGHEAD
Beautiful GORGEOUS
Burrowing marsupial WOMBAT
Burrowing rodent MARMOT
College teacher LECTURER
Colour; sad BLUE
Decorative layer VENEER
Devoid of pity CRUEL
Enemy FOE
Group of singers CHOIR
Higher than ABOVE
Intimidating FORMIDABLE
Manage RUN
Medical examination SCAN
Merciful HUMANE
Parched DRY
Precious stone DIAMOND
Pull along TOW
Row; level TIER
Scottish city DUNDEE
Scoundrel ROGUE
Slave to a habit ADDICT
Steffi –, tennis player GRAF
Wild goat IBEX
Young sheep LAMB