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The Telegraph – Quick – Sep 15 2018

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Clues Answers
1815 novel EMMA
Animal pen STY
Beach –, group BOYS
Brighton sweet? ROCK
Caspian, e.g. SEA
Criminal planner MASTERMIND
Cunning WILY
Desert grit SAND
Fuss ADO
Higher UPPER
Incline; cultivate TEND
Italian designer GUCCI
Liable to erupt VOLCANIC
Med resort BENIDORM
Member of Lords PEER
Motorway madness? ROADRAGE
Organised criminal GANGSTER
Part of hand FINGERNAIL
Perfect example ARCHETYPE
Place of entertainment CINEMA
Sewing implement NEEDLE
She lives in 11 SOW
Sicilian landmark ETNA
Sicilian, e.g. ISLANDER
Supernanny? GOVERNESS
Swoops downhill SKIS
Useful insect BEE
Ward (off) FEND
Was situated STOOD
Working boat TUG