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The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 10 2018

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Clues Answers
After it comes sweet decision MAINCOURSE
Brilliant performer or, occasionally, soothsayer STAR
Brush with journalist in dropping-off place BEDROOM
Cover most of something that is pushed more than seemed possible ENVELOP
Cruise perhaps tipped to win Oscar? Doubtful MOOT
Difficult to believe when credit’s cut — or hard to swallow INEDIBLE
Ease off runs with fast time around end of June RELENT
Escort having space to climb without resistance to find carnivore MEERKAT
Geek’s way to reach Tyneside from the south? NERD
German artist on the rise, it’s said, having lasting quality DURABLE
His tour unfortunately misses one Scottish town THURSO
Keeps individual out of old trouble HASSLE
Marking a long stretch away, having included lawyer’s terms in email bust-up BIMILLENARY
Clues Answers
Name fish with unusually hot stuffing DOROTHY
Of diverse tastes, one keeping unconventional home? BOHEMIAN
Old female performer bored by comedian DOWAGER
On the up, foxhunters appear to abound TEEM
One once associated with McEnroe leads to new racket being brought in? TANTRUM
Partners entering rituals regularly roll back barrier to passage? INSULATOR
Perhaps Mary�s new green card not initially enclosed GARDENER
Polite chap lagging each trunk is tree expert GENEALOGIST
Reasons to sell singular titanium parts MOTIVES
Step in plant root to be picked up INTERCEDE
Uncertain yes/no taken to show lack of an essential principle to build on KEYSTONE
Wake from nightmare perhaps, losing head for time when trapped under lingerie SLIPSTREAM
What balloonist might say about black line on weather map ISOBAR