The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 11 2018

Clues Answers
1 + 1 put in for a start PIONEER
About to drink up soft drink CUPPA
Alcoholic drink in bottle SPIRIT
Artist needs that material RAYON
Bad breath or not, initially offensive ABHORRENT
Barter goods — well, as fence HAGGLE
Became violent, carrying hot exhaust GOTHROUGH
Beer bottles work for party animal STOPOUT
Bullet case, handle with care printed externally CARTOUCHE
Doesn’t want, at first, criminal record SETDOWN
Film producer welcomes Oscars getting near MOONRAKER
Find out about unusual type of radiation INFRARED
Form of wealth, one worshipped in Athens PLUTO
Hearsay I found in book about surprise guest? KISSOGRAM
I may get by once free outside EXCON
Impressive, being a shopper? TELLING
Clues Answers
In Paris, this accident in particular? CERTAIN
Inadequate way to mention wheels PATHETIC
Like one film that is not shown for sci-fi author ASIMOV
Locks up our charm ENAMOUR
My face is warm CORDIAL
New shirt’s cut up after business suit COURTSHIP
Not the same frogman? DIVERGENT
One hides name following unqualified comment UTTERANCE
Order one’s driver, perhaps, to be courteous OBEISANT
Roll over a pig? ROASTER
Run West maybe having stolen horse MANAGE
See boat crossing lake from mountain summit PINNACLE
Shade of colour that starts to be put on paint container TINCT
Son abandoned by huge entertainer COMIC
Stones for road, motorway, and so on METAL
Top marks for one in test ASSAY

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