The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 12 2018

Clues Answers
A U minder’s in order? NURSEMAID
Adviser on what to eat composed ditties DIETIST
Amazed when lorry picks up both of us AWESTRUCK
Badly made rum — chuck bottles SHODDY
Being abused detrimental to a scruffy person TATTERDEMALION
Coherent Euro TV broadcast generally available OVERTHECOUNTER
Cover up what Hew is fiddling WHITEWASH
Dashing without taking care round King’s Square? RAKISH
Decide to put off working DETERMINE
Dirty mark from gross mud generally SMUDGE
English people in Orient getting right over neighbouring land EASEMENT
Feed person who damaged cutlery tucking into grub NOURISH
I always engaged in your old dishonesty THIEVERY
I landed in target backing irregular troops MILITIA
Clues Answers
Indefinite number act and stick around for confrontation STANDOFF
Learn about alien king, one with new depth? RETREAD
Meanwhile outside vacation I should get involved INTERIM
Messenger nursing temperature, one that’s hanging on? COURTIER
Notice one’s given by European university that’s so long ADIEU
Out of the running at this time present NOWHERE
Picture that is providing cover for periodical IMAGE
Place for parking American luxury car LOTUS
Repairing south-east side of building SEWING
Scholarly articles about universal Greek hero THESEUS
The old man putting in earth type of plants suitable for borders providing pleasant environment FEATHERBEDDING
Time Rome’s chief had to be worried? THEIDESOFMARCH
Toughen up in river INURE
Week I laid in military hospital, sickly MAWKISH

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