The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 13 2018

Clues Answers
Author of clearer novel LECARRE
Character from Ruhr city community coming over ESSENCE
Checks out top of pants through flies? INSPECTS
Cherry or mushroom? Look! MORELLO
City in India supporting a man’s title over tyrant AMRITSAR
English poet once hosting the old respected woman DOYENNE
Father Time goes after peers PRIEST
Favours massive, murderous force LARGESS
Finally, isotopes come apart in heavy water SEAWAY
Get away from the crag that’s unstable GERTCHA
Good hour invested in content of test paper, one about undemanding notes? LIGHTMUSIC
Green hack JADE
Last one exposed by revolutionary Mexican team ASTONVILLA
Maybe drugs fall out of fashion amongst masses? Not half SEDATES
Clues Answers
Medal winner introducing light music here VICTORIACROSS
Musical Mr Simpson heard by fair maiden shunning heartless sisters OKLAHOMA
Non-British reactionary type lacking stiffness LIMP
Perhaps hurdles follow result TRACKEVENT
Regrouped, yet holding a different old photo DAGUERREOTYPE
Rugby League club docked first in Ascension Island STHELENA
Sharp UK force infiltrating American agents from the south ACIDIC
Sinister opening about to disappear LEFT
Subordinate rogues Tom and I changed the basic tenet of a philosophy COGITOERGOSUM
These should evacuate sailors following a course EPSOMSALTS
They join retired sprinter that has succeeded UBOLTS
This website’s journal oversees European post in communications? TELEGRAPHPOLE
Top copy by Times APEX
Upstart is terminating providing accommodation for performer ARTISTE

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