The Telegraph – Toughie – Apr 17 2018

Clues Answers
Apply to get free access code USERID
Brand new acceptable sculpture of nudes UNUSED
Cheeky, diving into a river opening APERTURE
Cohabitation of Tory with young pup when old CONCUBINAGE
Establish Italian restaurants? STARTUP
Excerpt from Rasputin, framed as below UTINFRA
Failing stamina? Turn to alchemy TRANSMUTATION
Get used to current trade ACCUSTOM
Going places? Stupidly, he put ‘No’ ONTHEUP
I am in troubled market — keep going without progressing MARKTIME
Illiterate Italian lady with letter that’s moving succeeded after all IGNORAMUS
Kick bishop? That is human TOERR
Large numbers of appeals needing god’s intervention PLETHORAS
Lighting controller’s not so clever DIMMER
Clues Answers
Line of credit given with no difficulty CREASE
Lloyd Webber work sent back by censor with separate notes STACCATO
Maintenance person needs space, hoisting machine constantly ENGINEER
Masterstroke, having attachment to Bond? COUPON
Parisian’s goodness, offering useable mobile with admission for clubs by right SACREBLEU
Political organisation’s social work changing priorities? LABOURPARTY
Popular to keep chapter end as motto ICHDIEN
Prime trees will take time FIRST
Prisoner and Georgia dance in chains CONGA
Property of French art gallery ESTATE
Rash song supporting primitive movement that can’t be controlled URTICARIA
Relative’s base in French city NIECE
What a gull does perhaps above French country OVERPAYS
What some politicians believe in; populace being taken in remains confused REPUBLICANISM

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